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Covid-19 Food Relief

Effects of COVID-19 could lead to a doubling of those with food insecurity to 265 million people with much of that impact in Africa.
In many vulnerable communities, food prices have doubled. With already restricted incomes, people are facing starvation.

– United Nations World Food Programme

The cost of inequality has never felt so high


estimated daily deaths from COVID-19 related hunger by the end of 2020


will feed someone for 1 month in Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi


of every pound donated reaches the people in need


Your donations have had a significant impact for 4 villages across East Africa during the 2020 unprecedented global pandemic:

381 People

from 67 families

4 Villages

in 3 Countries

The celebration in the village after our recent distribution in Malawi.

Across the world, the most vulnerable people are feeling the pressure of the COVID-19 crisis like nobody else. In many of these communities, as food prices double and people are restricted from earning an income, more people will die from starvation than from the virus itself. The cost of inequality has never felt so high.

Through recent visits to Rwanda, Malawi, and Kenya, we have established relationships and trust with select people on-the-ground. Using this network, we are distributing basic food and hygiene supplies to local communities to help their fight against the risk of starvation. As a grass roots operation, we have no administration costs or bureaucracy. 94p of every £1 donated reaches the beneficiaries in the form they want. Our average turnaround time from the point of identifying the families to supplying food is 4 to 5 days.

Our Process

Our process is simple: once we have identified the families and calculated numbers, we determine a budget for essential goods based on the size of each household. An invoice is drawn up by the food supplier and payment is made by mobile money directly to the food supplier. This is done only when the on-the-ground contact is with the supplier and ready to collect the goods. The food is then distributed to each household. The cost of transporting goods from the supplier to the villages are also covered through your donations.

The Ask

The impact of COVID-19 is long lasting and will reverberate for many months still. Having completed one round of food provisions, another round is now becoming necessary as our initial provisions run out and communities remain on lockdown. With your help, we hope to continue helping these communities through to the end of the pandemic. The stark inequality of life is plain to see at times like this, but never forget that all human life is equal. We are global citizens and we are in this together.

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